Through reflection on the heart we discover gratitude and a willingness to give.


Retreats are a beautiful way to go deep into the inner experience, to a place of clarity, serenity and peace.


Through effort and dedication we transform our experience, changing and growing with every step on the path. 

when we let things flow, we begin to Bloom!


Based on the tradition of handing down the esoteric knowledge from teacher to student. Plan a personal consultation today.

Terry Hooker - Founder of Bloom Yoga.

 Out of naturalness, wildness, unconscious wholeness, we emerge. Look into a child's eyes and see this innocent and natural state of being. The problem arises when we begin to see ourselves as separate from this wholeness. Our way back is a process of reintegration, remembering who we are! We are the wilderness, we are the whole"

                 -Terry Hooker

Meditation Channel

Guided meditation and related videos

Bloom Yoga is an approach to yoga rooted in the recognition that our growth is an entirely natural process, that we are born to bloom. This recognition is so important because it opens our hearts and minds to the infinite potential within and then our unfolding can happen in a natural and gentle way.

There is no perfect path or perfect attainment; rather, we can use our ordinary life experience as the path. In the end we have the possibility of recognizing our true nature: at one with the Divine.

Yin Yoga Channel

Enjoy flexibility and meditative experience.

A natural Path 


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