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A natural path to Wisdom and purity

Plan an event in your area

I would love to come to and host and event in your area. You can assist with logistics such as finding a space and promotion of the event. I can lead meditation workshops or yoga classes, yoga philosophy lectures, satsang, etc.

Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

Based on the traditional model of handing down the esoteric knowledge from teacher to student, we offer private consultations. This is an excellent way to begin a practice and to get to the heart of your needs, through one-on-one guidance. The essence of yoga is only obtained by sincere effort and dedication. A direct connection with a teacher is so helpful in this regard.

I can meet with you one on one or in small groups to practice yoga and meditation, discuss yoga philosophy, or design a personal practice that works for you. Please give me a call or send a message and we can discuss the details.