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A natural path to Health and fulfillment

Atha Yoganushasanam

Translation: Now begins Yoga Instruction

Yoga is traditionally considered a sacred event between the teacher and student. As such it is worth acknowledging the sacred each time we begin our practice. Asana is the place where most people get started with Yoga and it is the use of physical postures for transforming our experience. Through Asana we begin to untie all the knots we have developed in our body/mind/heart system and soon follows an experience of peace and freedom. We challenge ourselves and discover new horizons within.

You're welcome to join our regular asana practice. Join me each Wednesday and Sunday at the Yoga Centre, San Luis Obispo, CA. Check their website at:

Bloom Yoga Youtube Channel: Follow Bloom Yoga on Youtube where you can find yoga asana videos, meditations, and introductions to Bloom Yoga philosophy. Click on the link here:


A regular seated meditation practice is so important on this path. While we can cultivate Spacious Awareness of Sahaja Yoga or natural way without seated meditation, the spaciousness and challenge of sitting is a very powerful practice. It forces us to deal with the content of the mind.