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A natural path to wholeness and happiness

Bhakti Yoga

     Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and love. Through our practice we discover the grace and gratitude that is our natural inheritance from the Divine. We fall into a devotional reverence for all of life and can't help but serve. Then through whatever means possible we serve. Traditionally Bhakti is associated with prayer, chanting, and devotional practices, but I believe that any action internal or external that is performed with love for the Divine is Bhakti Yoga. So through prayer, chanting and devotional service or through sweat and tears we give.

     Can we serve you or do you know someone or something that just needs to get done? Let us know. Maybe we can get together and make the world a better place.

Man me ram, hath me kam

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is one of the traditional branches of yoga. It is defined by the integration of the ego with the demands of life. So to practice, we simply observe whatever it is that needs to be done in the moment, and we do it. We do it without thought of personal gain and with an attitude of non-attachment. Through this method of yoga the ego is slowly integrated into the natural flow of life. Result being: Union(Yoga) between the doer and the done.

Translation: In the mind is God and in the hand is work.

With a quiet attention to the inner experience we continue to work in the world. This is the essence of  Karma Yoga. By God, I am refering to the great  mystery within. From a Buddhist perspective it is called "The Deathless", from a Yoga perspective it is called "The Self." Whether your god has a name or not in the final analysis we are so humbled by the mystery of His being. We can only pray for day when we can be in his presence.